Mounted Felt Flap Bobs

Mounted Felt Flap Bobs
  • A unique range with excellent and fast polishing result
  • Optimum use of Polishing compounds
  • Suitable for final polishing of almost all materials.
  • Available in 3-Hardnesses.
Item Code
20 20 6 41F2020 42F2020 43F2020
25 25 6 41F2525 42F2525 43F2525
30 25 6 41F3025 42F3025 43F3025
40 25 6 41F4025 42F4025 43F4025
50 25 6 41F5025 42F5025 43F5025
50 30 6 41F5030 42F5030 43F5030
75 25 6 41F7525 42F7525 43F7525
75 30 6 41F7530 42F7530 43F7530

Similar felt bobs can also be manufactured in any other specific size upto 100mm Dia and 60mm thickness.

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