Square Edge Felt Wheels & Rings

Square Edge Felt Wheels & Rings

Wide Range to Suit Every Requirments

Square edge felt wheels :

Dia : 100 mm to 500mm and even more
Thickness : 10mm (3/8") to 60mm & more
Densities : Soft - 0.44gmc3
    Medium - 0.56gmc3
    Hard - 0.60gmc3
    Rock Hard - 0.72gmc3
Higher thickness upto 100mm also possible in soft & medium densities.
Higher densities upto 1.2 GMC3 are manufactured in thickness range of 10mm - 50mm.
Inner bore can be provided as required.
These Wheels & Rings can also be manufactured with slanted
Edge (Bevel Edge), Rounded edge, Concave formation and also as per specific drawings.
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