We at Sealwell and Sealwell Automotive Division have complete facility for conversion of felt in desired shapes and sizes in the form of components through various different methodologies and processes. These processes may include:

  • DIE-CUTTING: A process which involves cutting felt through Die to achieve better accuracy & workmanship. No restriction about minimum order quantity. Design your needs and we will replicate it through felt.
  • ROLL SLITTING: We are able to cut our rolls into strips with varied sizes ranging from 3mm width onwards. 
  • SEWING: We are equipped to sew felt as per the desired requirement.
  • KISS-CUTTING: A process in which felt that is adhesive coated on a sheet or roll is half punched, to accurately cut the felt into the desired size and shape while leaving the base sheet intact.
  • ADHESIVE COATING: Our Self-Adhesive backing process provides for adhesive backing on any of our Felt, Foam and EVA components. 
  • DOUBLE-SIDED TAPE: We also manufacture our own Double-sided Adhesive Tapes.


Adhesive Composition : Hot Melt Grade Rubber Base Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
Colour : Light Brown
Softening Point : 98 degree celsius
Tack by Falling Ball(cm) : 0.12mm (12 mm micron polyster film)
Peel Strength of Tape : 1450g/20mm
Shear Strength : 42 min
Backing Paper : Double Side Silicon Release Liner 90-130gsm
Maximum width : 450mm


  • -Lamination with Foam, Sponge, Polythene, Rubber, Hook & Loop, Vulcanised Fibre, ABS, etc.
  • -Impregnations with Resins, Binders and Silicon.
  • -Treatments with various chemicals for Water Repellency, Flame Retardancy, Moth Repellency, etc.

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