Polishing Felts Manufacturer

Felt has ability to accept almost all types of polishing compounds & slurries, hence Ideal friend for polishing application

Equidistribution of polishing media in capillaries of felts. This ensures excellent uniform polishing results. Holds the desired edges and shape throughout the life of felt. Optimum utilization of polishing compounds lesser down-time, higher production

Since felts has homogeneous construction, thus same surface & performance for Hard-To-Reach areas. It can be Machined to any Shape to meet Intricate Polishing requirements.

Established and known unique materials for blemish free polishing results practically covering A-Z material like

Square Edge Felt Wheels & Rings
Mounted Felt Bobs
Un-mounted Felt Bobs
Felt Cones
Knife-edge Felt Discs
Felt Discs

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